Big win
for Dinolove FC.

Farah Dhiba / 17 November 2021.

The first match with 7 goals for Dinove Fc is enough to steal 3 points. Dinolove Fc, who was captained by Siti Noor Halimi start their first match of the season with a big smile.

Dinolove took lead on 8 minutes as Angela Anak Kais score their first goal. Dinolove stays ahead when their key player Andrea score two goals on minutes 14’ and 16’.

Sity Norazizah shows a good game when the defender also scores two goals on minutes 23’ and 31’

Dinolove Fc and Wonder Girls make their first changes on minutes 31’ with Dinolve Fc changing their defender Nor Syazwani with a forward Nor Hazwani. Wonder Girls change their tactical more to defending when changes their forward Louissa Ng Vi Min to their defender Vanesha.

Even Dinolove was leading with 5 goals, they are still aggressive to find more goals and get 2 goals from Nooraien at minute 38’ and Siti Norhazwani at minute 42’