Catalan FC first 3 points.

Akmal / 1 December 2021.

Catalan Fc first 3 points. 

This is an important match for both teams in Group A. Catalan Fc has yet to earn a point and would like to win this match for the first time. Setiawangsa Rangers Fc aims to secure a comfortable position in order to qualify  to the semi-finals. 

As early as the 5’ minute, Catalan Fc managed to lead 1-0 after a tap from Syafiqa Irisya. This goal has boosted Catalan players’ motivation to win the game. Several attempts were made but failed to score a goal. 

SETIAWANGSA RANGERS FC played more defensively and Catalan Fc  who kept attacking to get more goals. A total of 10 shots were successfully made by the Catalan Fc team and only 2 shots were made by Setiawangsa Rangers Fc. Significant differences can be seen in this game by both teams. The match ended with CATALAN FC winning 1-0.