Dinolove FC maintained their lead, while Wonder Girls FC were relegated.

Akmal / 17 December 2021.

Wonder Girls FC vs Dinolove FC: Dinolove maintained their lead while Wonder Girls were relegated.

Wonder Girls Fc hope to avenge their humiliating 7-0 loss in the first leg against Dinolove Fc. Dinolove Fc, who are currently in first place in Group B, want to continue their excellent game to ensure that they advance to the semi -finals without missing a beat. Wonder Girls Fc need to win this match with a lot of goals if they want to advance to the semi-finals.  

After the whistle was blown, Dinolove Fc started to push for the Wonder Girls Fc. This paid off when they managed to get a goal as early as the 2’ minute through their striker Angela. 3 minutes later, Dinolove striker Andrea scored the second goal for Dinolove make them lead for 2-0. Henrietta punished the Wonder Girls’ defensive weakness with a third goal in the 9’ minute, causing the Wonder Girls left behind 0-3 to Dinolove. In the last minute of the first half, Dinolove once again added a goal when Andrea managed to get the fourth goal for Dinolove’s team. This has put them ahead of the Wonder Girls team by 4-0. Continuing into the second half, the Wonder Girls still did not want to concede defeat. They kept trying to attack and entered the Dinolove defensive area. First shoot on target from Wonder Girls player, Heshveena managed to score a goal in the 48’ minutes. This has increased their motivation to get more goals.  The Wonder Girls’ Abiinayaa Joti scored a second goal for them as a result of the Dinolove Fc defense’s tardiness. In the final minutes of the match, communication errors from the defense and goalkeeper Wonder Girls caused them to award their own goal to the Dinolove Fc team. 

In the end of the match, Dinolove Fc leads Wonder Girls Fc 6-2. In result, Dinolove Fc in the first place of group B with 12 points while Wonder Girls in the third position of group B with 1 point. This shows that Dinolove Fc and Hypernova Girls Fc qualified for the semi -finals for group B while Wonder Girls Fc have ended their league journey here.