Dinolove FC blast 4-0 over Hypernova Girls FC.

Farah Dhiba / 22 November 2021.

Dinolove Blast 4-0 over Hypernova Girls

Dinolove Fc again shows a strong team play after gaining their second win with Hypernova Girls. Angela shows as the best player after scoring two goals at minutes 21’ and 36’. However,

Hypernova got their first shots on target from Aisyah Zakaria but deflected to Dinolove defender and saved by Dinolove goalkeeper Norazizah comfortably. Annur Azmi made a good appearance in the first half by making 8 saves for the team before missing a goal from a penalty spot scored from Angela at minutes 21’.

Sity Norazizah scored at minutes 28’ and put the team in a comfortable situation with 2-0 before halftime. Angela again put Hypernova Girls Fc in a tense situation when scoring the third goal 6 minutes after the second halftime. Sity Norazizah nearly get her second goal but the kick hit the goalpost. The game ended with 4-0 as Norul Fathem scored the goal at extra time 60+3’.

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